Race Day Schedule

Race Day Schedule

Please read this section carefully. It has instructions on when your race starts, the latest you can report for your race and how long the course will stay open.

Reporting Time 90 Minutes before your race time



6:30 pm

Flag Off Divyang Category

6:45 pm

Flag Off Senior Citizen

7:30 pm

Flag Off 5K

7:30 pm

Flag Off 5K (Theme Run)

7:30 pm

Flag Off 3K (Fun Run)

9:00 pm

Flag Off 42K (Full Marathon)

9:15 pm

Flag Off 10K

10:30 pm

Flag Off 21K (Half Marathon)

Very Important

Reporting Time 
You should be in your respective holding area at least 1 hour before your race starts. 
Flag Off 
The time your race starts.
Gates Open 
The earliest you will be allowed into your respective holding area.
Course Closure
You are expected to finish running at this time and move off the course. Soon after this time, the course will be open to traffic. If you choose to continue running, you will be doing so at your own risk.
Venue Closure
The Race venue will start shutting down. You are to exit the venue before this time.