Race Director

Mr. Arvind Bijwe (All Marathon Events)

Sports play a vital role in my life. Cycling & Running are my obsession forever. I have represented the Nagpur University in Basket Ball, played National in Basketball, Athletics, Atya Patya, Hand Ball & Korf ball and have also participated in various marathons and cycling races till date.

In order to attain my desire, after working for 18 years in the corporate world, I started a fitness club in Pune, which has been running for last 8 years. For my immense interest in this field, I have also participated in various Marathon and Cyclothon throughout India. Every week in past one year, I have been organizing the Half Marathon. Being a Co-founder of Runbuddies, we have also conducted various Marathons & Cycling expeditions like Kargil International Marathon, Soldierathon, Durshet Forest, Our Marathon, and NIO Vision Marathon.

I believe that participating in suchlike sports gives you a great opportunity to meet, greet and interact with fellow runners who come from different walks of life. For that, I am here to run for desire, for charity and for fun.

As Race Director In Following Events :

  • Founder - Everest Base Camp Marathon
  • Race Director - Soldierathon, Delhi
  • 2017 - Kargil International Marathon
  • 2017 - Konkan Beach Marathon
  • 2016 - PRBM
  • 2016 - Matheran Endurathon
  • 2016 - X’Mas Marathon
  • 2016 - Surat Night Marathon
  • 2015 - Western Ghats ultra
  • 2014 - NIO Vision Marathon
  • 2014 - Durshet Forest Marathon
  • 2013 - Kundalika River Marathon

Bhavna Raja (Kids Marathon Event)

Running a child development centre and a Counseling centre by the name of Urja.. Core member of Jivan Astha Mental Health helpline run by surat Rural Police and Vandrevala Foundation "Teach Your Children how to run... so they can chase the happiness and fun"